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Become a WoVO Member!

There are two tiers of membership in the World-Voices Organization: Professional and Associate. 

A Professional member is a verified, working professional in the voice over field. Professional members are eligible to vote on various issues and in any Elections held by the organization.

An Associate member is one who is not quite a working professional yet, but is making their way toward that goal.

We also offer a membership category called Industry Partner, which includes members of the voiceover industry who are not voice actors but who provide ancillary or support services to voice actors. 

Membership Application

Please read all information carefully as you complete our online application.
New member application fee is  $74 USD ($25 one-time application fee + $49 annual membership). 
All fees on our site are USD.

Once you have entered your application information, click "Pay Online"
to avoid any delays in processing your application

We use PayPal payment processing system.  You are not required to have a PayPal account.  You will have the option to pay with a credit card or use your existing PayPal account.  Not sure of PayPal?  

Once your application and dues have been received, you will receive a confirmation email.

Our Membership Committee will be vetting your application, which can take a few days. We thank you for your patience. 

The information you provide on your application will initially determine your level of membership. 

Professional Level: To qualify at the Professional level, please list at least 5 distinct clients in the previous 13 months where the rate paid was at or near standard professional rates for the type of work. The Membership Committee will assess the information provided.

Associate Level: If you have not completed 5 jobs for distinct clients in the previous 13 months as described above, you will automatically be welcomed as an Associate Member. You can then work toward achieving those prerequisites, and then apply to be upgraded to Professional status once you achieve them. 

Once you receive the "Review and confirm" screen, your application data has been saved and can be accessed using the email address entered.  Select your payment option.
Unpaid applications will be deleted after 7 days.

If paying by check, please email notification to membership@world-voices.org
make payable to World-Voices Organization, and mail to:
World-Voices Organization c/o Reservoir Road Productions - PO Box 34 - Olivebridge NY 12461
Thank you!

By submitting your application to WoVO, you agree to abide by our Best Practices for your type of membership!

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