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WoVOCon VII Speaker Bios

Adam Lofbomm 

Adam’s been a full-time pro voiceover talent since 2006, the first ten years of  which he spent working in Seoul, South Korea. After falling into the VO game by  sheer dumb luck (no really, ask him sometime), he gained experience in just about every segment of the voiceover world imaginable: Educational, Radio, TV, Video Games,  Animation, Dubbing, Documentary, Corporate/Industrial, and even some Talking Toys! He spent two years working in studios and on-camera in the Chicago market, another three years back in his hometown Nashville, TN, and now is based in Turin, Italy, where he shares a booth, a life, and a cat with his wife, Ashlinn. These days he specializes in Corporate Narration, eLearning, Audiobooks, and Automotive VO.

Anne Cloud

Anne Cloud began her professional career as a stage and on-camera actor in NYC. She paused her acting career to get married, start a family, and get an advanced practice nursing degree focused on Women’s health and midwifery.  In search of a way back to acting that also fit with raising a family and a desire to travel, Anne found voiceover – a line of work she could do from anywhere. Anne started her voiceover career on the road while traveling with her husband and children in a converted school bus. Her recording studio was built into a cargo trailer, allowing  Anne’s “office” to go with them anywhere and helping her pursue a full-time voice acting career while enjoying a life of adventure. As her client list grew with brands such a sKia, Mastercard, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Doctors Without Borders, and Hyatt, in under two years, Anne was able to support her family of five on her voiceover earnings – a level of success she credits in part to the power of play in keeping her reads authentic, and the business of voiceover fun. Anne currently lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where she seeks to unlock the creative magic of joy in all she does.

Ashlinn Romagnoli 

Ashlinn has no idea where she is or how she got here. Just kidding— after taking a hiatus from her other career path managing projects for ad agencies in 2020, she one day wandered into her husband  Adam’s audio booth and never looked back. Despite promptly ignoring most of his advice, she has managed to grow a happy side business recording Audiobooks and eLearning, with a few fancy commercials for global brands sprinkled in for good measure. With her background in commercial production and advertising, she brings a unique perspective to the business.

Billie Jo Konze 

A native Midwesterner (Wisconsin/Minnesota) now living in Atlanta, Georgia, Billie Jo has over two decades of performance experience. Not only has she launched a successful voiceover career, but is also a stage and on-camera actor… and proudly has Singing Telegram on her resume as well. Billie Jo credits her first accountability group with helping her begin her voiceover journey and believes wholeheartedly in the “ability of accountability” to change careers - and change lives. In her very little free time Billie Jo enjoys blogging and never turns down a chance to sing karaoke! 

Brian Amador

As a full-time bicultural English/Spanish voice artist working for global clients, Brian helps creators of educational and informational content by recording commercials, narrations, instructional/eLearning narration modules and character voices in English or Spanish. Brian is particularly adept at voicing content related to Hispanics and the Spanish language, and he uses his voice to bring their messages to life, recording top-quality narration and voiceovers in home studio.

Recording in neutral Latin American Spanish, North American English, and Hispanic-accented English, Brian's bicultural roots enable him to use his voice to reach across cultural gaps. He is originally from New Mexico.

He is also a composer, arranger, guitarist and vocalist in his band Sol y Canto with wife Rosi since 1984. With her he was also the co-founder of the family business, Amador Bilingual Voiceovers, which includes his son, bilingual voice actor Zia Amador.

Byron Wagner

Byron's been doing voiceover since age 13 (a very long time ago), and implemented (& patented) the first ISDN audio codec for Disney in '92. He crafts memorable results for global audiobook, narration, commercial, and animation clients from his world-class ISDN & SourceConnect equipped Abaton AirBnB/studios in Los Angeles & Ra’anana, Israel, and mentors, teaches, and travels extensively. He's the creator of and - the Abaton VO Calendar.

Caryn Clark

Ok, so here’s who I’m not: a radio DJ, a TV broadcaster, or in broadcast of any kind until voiceover, never an actor (unless Glinda the Good Witch in the 8th grade production of “Wizard of Oz” counts)... heck, I’d never even been in a radio or TV station until I became a voice actor, and even now, visits to a real studio equate to a few handful of occasions. 

Here’s who I am: I was in corporate financial marketing in New York City, where I wrote very dull descriptions and legalese for products like mutual funds and annuities. I’m a lover of words, and graduated with an English degree from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). I was a choral singer in high school and college. My passion for using my voice led me to voice acting, after over 13 years in corporate life. I was, to be blunt, terrible at voice acting when I started, which means I scratched and clawed my way to a career. Since 2007, I’ve enjoyed a career voicing mainly commercials (my favorite type of work), along with e-learning and web video narration. 

I am wife to my law enforcement husband, Thomas, doggie momma to rescues Romeo and Oliver, stepmom to a teenage daughter, and a fanatic of Pure Barre. (Seriously, I want to own a Pure Barre franchise, or three, one day).

Colin WD McLean

A voice actor for many years, Colin added audio describer to his list of skills in 2020. He is an established member of WoVo and of the VoiceOver Network in the UK. His extended CV can be found on LinkedIn (as Colin WD McLean) and his voiceover site at In addition, he is the founder of skills training Presentation Works ( and set up a podcast during lockdown to help with managing stress - reading stories, poems and more at The Healing Voice. 

Dan Lenard

Dan Lenard has been a radio personality, a high school Media and Social Studies teacher, and currently is a freelance producer, professional voice artist and professional home voice over studio technical consultant. He is now President and CEO of, the industry association of freelance voice talent world-wide. 

Dan specializes in commercial, Corporate and E-learning voice work.  He also has become a recognized industry expert and consultant in home studio setup and problem solving, specifically for voice over artists new to the industry, or experienced, but with little or no self-recording experience. 

He is Co-Host of the popular weekly live webcast Voice Over Body Shop ( with George Whittham, which talks about home voice over studio tech, presents guests from the voice over industry and other relevant voice over industry news.

His philosophy. Keep it simple!

His websites are:, &

David Goldberg

David H. Lawrence XVII

After a 36-year career in radio, David H. Lawrence XVII moved to television, and has been seen on FX's The People vs. OJ, ABC's epic series LOST, CBS' legendary CSI, The Mentalist, The Bold and the Beautiful, and the military thriller The Unit, NBC's spy comedy Chuck, Good Luck Charlie and ANT Farm on Disney, Touch and The Finder on FOX, and is best known as the creepy evil puppet master Eric Doyle on NBC's smash hit Heroes. His film career includes on-camera and VO work on Cars 3, Straight Outta Compton, Men in Black III, Pizza Man, The Changeling, The Hulk, Iron Man, Percy Jackson, Unstoppable, Too Big to Fail, A Special Relationship and countless others. His acting site is

He has voiced over 200 audiobooks, and teaches specialized courses in audiobook production, with a concentration on ACX and Audible work, and teaches the ACX Master Class at

Lawrence helps actors create their own voiceover careers with his award winning training program, and has been BACKSTAGE's Readers' Choice for Favorite VO Teacher and Favorite VO Demo Producer for four years in a row. He teaches in Los Angeles and online via

He created the best-selling industry standard Rehearsal® Pro app for actors and VO talent, giving them a digital rehearsal studio right in their pocket. Details are at

On radio, the Emmy-award winning and Clio-nominated Lawrence hosted The David Lawrence Show, Online Tonight, was a morning show talent for ABC Radio, Clear Channel and CNET, and anchored The Net Music Countdown, heard on over 300 radio stations and both XM and Sirius Satellite Radio. Lawrence was at the forefront of the podcasting revolution, having delivered daily RealAudio and MP3 "podcasts" via email from early 1995.

Debbie Irwin

Debbie's been a voice actor for 20 years. Based in NYC and now Upstate NY, she was once the voice of The Statue of Liberty. Her expertise is in medical narration, where she’s built a large customer base serving some of the biggest global pharmaceutical companies and academic hospital systems in the country. Recently, Debbie answered the call to coach and teaches students medical and long-form narration, and the art of being a professional.

Doug Turkel

Doug's been doing voiceovers since demos were on cassette. And yes, he started really young.

His everyman sound helped him become the voice of more than 15,000 commercials (really!), thousands of corporate and e-learning projects, a bunch of radio stations, and even a couple of TV networks. And his strong belief in the power of consistent, proactive marketing have helped him and his UNnouncer branding developed a solid roster of regular clients.

Dustin Ebaugh

Dustin Ebaugh has been behind a microphone since the age of 15 with a 20-year career in radio as a DJ, production director, program director, and operations manager.

As a full-time voice actor for over 20 years, Dustin works in the industry daily for clients like Apple, Toyota, Dr. Pepper, McDonald’s, Ferrari, UPS, Planter’s, Cholula Hot Sauce, and many others. Most of his work is commercial, narration, promo, and eLearning.
As one of the founders and president emeritus of World-Voices Organization (WoVO), Dustin is most interested in helping others in our industry and sharing what he’s learned over the last three decades.  He is online at

Emma O’Neill

Multi award winning voice actor and fitness expert, Emma O'Neill, will be sharing her tips and tricks to stay healthy in this sedentary world! Emma has been a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, and group fitness instructor for over 25yrs. Learn easy to apply methods to strengthen your core, improve your cardiovascular health, and stay sane while continuing to build your business. She'll also share her social media content creation hacks - specifically how to gain traction on Linkedin. She can't wait to see you there!

Hugh Klitzke

Hugh P. Klitzke is a voiceover coach, director and demo producer in New York City.   For nearly fifteen years he was the voiceover studio manager at Buchwald, NYC and one of the only voiceover casting directors working full time for any talent agency in the US.  He has directed booking auditions for every kind of voiceover. To date, Hugh has directed over 125,000 auditions and counting.

Hugh’s coaching focuses on the conversational read, self-direction, the commercial read, and he directs auditions.  He contributed an essay to the sixth edition of The Art of Voice Acting by James Alburger and is currently writing two books.   One is on the conversational read.  The other is a compilation from his blog.  Its working title is: “Faster, Slower and More Smile!”

Hugh is the co-founder of VOnow.CO with Debbie Irwin and you can find his latest interview about the conversational read on the Find My Voice Podcast. He is online at

Jen Greenfield

Jen is a Scottsdale-based voice talent, film/stage actor, wife and mom. Since joining our incredible VO community, she has used her decades of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience to create branding and messaging for colleagues, as well as provide tips and tricks to find leads, network and direct market to help actors grow their business. She absolutely loves creating fun, interactive content on all the socials, and even went viral once attempting a whacky yoga challenge on IG. She is honored to be asked to continue helping talent grow and succeed as a conference speaker and looks forward to getting to know each of you! 

Joe Davis

Joe Davis has over 18 years of experience working in digital marketing and web development and has spent the last 10 years focused on the world of voice over thanks to his good friend (The Home Studio Master) Dan Lenard. During that time, he has developed numerous websites, internet platforms and marketing plans for voice actors, agents, voice over businesses, and other VO professionals.

He is a proud board member of WoVO, the founder of Voice Actor Websites and now the newly launched His areas of expertise include Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Voice Over, Business Strategy and Dance (Salsa, Swing, Merengue, International Folk Dancing and more…).

Karyn O’Bryant

Karyn O'Bryant has performed live, on-camera, and behind the microphone for a wicked long time. She spent a lot of money to go to a fancy-pants acting conservatory in order to stand in a little padded room and make convincing mouth noises into a stick. She's voiced animation, e-learning, corporate, telephony, documentary, commercials, audiobooks, ADR/looping, videos, radio, podcasts, a few comedy songs, and more. You can even BE Karyn in a video game called "Lake." She also won some awards in the course of pretending to be other people. Karyn likes to go outside and play, stay inside and make food, run around with the dog, and ballroom dance. She has one live-in partner, two quasi-step-kids, two cats, a dog, a guinea pig, and has done 12 Shakespeare plays … sometimes for Germans. She has been delighted and honored to serve as a board member of WoVO for several years.

Katherine Vasilopoulos

Katherin Vasilopoulos is a bilingual (English and French Canadian) voice talent. She is the owner of KVox Consulting in Montreal, and works from a professional recording studio with remote connectivity (Source Connect), providing voiceover and editorial services to local and international clients since 2009. She holds university degrees in molecular biology and journalism, and certifications in voice training and audio engineering. She specialized in educational and corporate narrations, as well as medical and pharmaceutical content.

She has recently voiced for Amazon, Allstate, Bayer, CBC, Desjardins, Dior, Fairmont Hotels, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Loblaws/PC Optimum, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, Victorinox Swiss Army, Volvo, Omni Hotels, the Canadian Space Agency, and in-flight promotions for Air Canada Vacations.

Katherin has served on the Executive Board of the World-Voices Organization (WoVO), the industry association for freelance voice talent, as Executive Secretary (2014-2018), Executive Vice-President (2018-2020), and as President (2020-2021).

Marc Cashman

MARC CASHMAN is one of the few voice-acting instructors in the U.S. who is on “both sides of the glass”—as a Clio-winning Radio and TV commercial producer, casting director and copywriter, and an Audie and SOVAS-winning voice actor. Heard on hundreds of audiobooks, Marc was named one of the “Best Voices of the Year”—three times—by Audiofile Magazine. As Voice President of Cashman Commercials, Marc creates, casts and produces copy and music  for radio and television advertising. As an instructor, Marc has taught at colleges and universities, coaches voice actors around the world, and produces V-O demos. In addition to authoring a best-selling book on voice acting—"V-Oh! Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques to Start and Sustain Your Voiceover Career”—he’s been a Keynote Speaker, Panelist or Master Class instructor at VOICE 2008, 2010, 2012 & 2014, VO Atlanta 2013, VO Mastery 2017, WoVOCon 2018/2019, VoicesCON2021 and “That’s Voiceover!” 2022. He’s also been interviewed in scores of newspapers, magazines, Radio, TV and Internet podcasts.

Matt Cowlrick

Matt Cowlrick’s voice over career spans over 20 countries, utilizing multiple accents and a variety of voice types and age ranges. His clients include an impressive collection of the world's top brands and multinational companies. Matt records for commercials (TV, radio and web), animation, corporate and industrial narrations, promos and many other mediums. Based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Matt works from his fully equipped digital studio and delivers recordings via Source Connect, ISDN, ipDTL, phone patch and Skype.

Memo Sauceda

Memo moved to Miami from Mexico in 1997 to host a TV show with Telemundo.  He has been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 2000, a VO since 1989 and an actor since 1982, having worked in nearly every genre. He has served as the President of the AFTRA Miami local twice, and co-President of the SAG-AFTRA Miami local when they merged, and has always been actively involved in supporting his colleagues through various committees and board positions. He is proficient in both English and Spanish, with the majority of his work being VO commercials for the Hispanic market. He has dubbed Mel Gibson, John Travolta, and Kenneth Branagh in Spanish and has voiced over 3,000 characters. Always traveling with his recording equipment, his family has learned to accept that he may miss a meal or two on vacations. He has taught seminars for SAG-AFTRA, VO Atlanta, One Voice, and VO Conferences in Colombia and Mexico.

Michael Baer 

Prior to moving to the noisy side of the microphone, Mike spent forty years as a  sound-person in TV and film on the operational side, as well as in post-production, and so has been around microphones and recording for a long time. Heʼs a curious type who likes to do things for himself, and is handy with tools and woodworking, with a small cramped shop and some know-how in  building things from scratch. 

Mike McGonegal 

A VO since 2008, Mike has voiced projects for Mercedes-Benz, Bank of America, Fidelity, and a host of companies on the Fortune 50.  He brings his 20+ years of IT experience and 40 years of audio experience to the table to assist voice talent of all levels to not only de-mystify the ever changing world of technology, but also help when things go awry.

Mike Tobin

Mike Tobin is an accomplished Montreal-born voice actor, MC, and event announcer who has made his ultra-fluent bilingualism the cornerstone of his brand for more than 20 years. He’s been heard in both English and French for clients like Amazon, Staples, Claritin, and the Canadian Red Cross, as well as at events like the Pan Am Games and the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Mike combines his marketing education, experience in more ‘traditional’ sales and management roles, and passion for performance, audio, and technology to target the intersection of voice and business. In addition to his voiceover work, Mike’s an instructor with OnTheMicTraining, and co-host of the Voiceover Round Table every week on Clubhouse.

Nancy German

Nancy German has been a voice actor for over twenty-five years.  She has voiced commercials for companies such as Sony, Nissan, Neutrogena, Lamborghini, Bayer and many more.

She has also enjoyed playing video game and animation characters like the warrior “Sapphire” from Heroes of Neuwirth, a “cool grandma” in an animation film by Academy Award-nominated Taiko Studios as well as voicing a plethora of others including fortune tellers, talking wine bottles, elder witches, whispering tree women and other unique characters.Nancy has been a trained therapist for thirty years as well. She lives in rural Maine on a forty-four acre farm with her husband, Kevin and pets. 

Nikki Lu Lowe

Nikki Lowe is a voice actor of 17 plus years and has worked with brands such as IBM, BMW and Moda, just to name a few.  Aside from voice acting, Nikki is a business woman of 25 plus years and a creative brainstormer always. With a background in teaching, software implementation, workflow restructuring and project management, she brings a personal and customized approach to identifying where businesses might be struggling and helping them explore solutions.   In addition to the logistics, she loves to share ideas that will inspire, motivate, and fuel a creative’s drive to move their business forward.

Pavi Lustig

Pavi was born in Germany, grew up in Spain and the UK, and when not globe-trotting as a digital VOmad, he shuttles between his bases in Austria and India - he puts the Wo in WoVo! Next to voicing for some of the world’s best known brands, he has worked at several large audio post-production firms in various countries as a senior audio engineer and voice caster -recently as a part of an Emmy-winning team at Red Bull - and now lectures on sound design and voice over at renowned film institutes. Pavi subscribes to the ancient Sanskrit mantra of Nada Brahma: “the world is sound.“ He can’t wait to share some of his expertise with you in Orlando!

Ramesh Mahtani 

The son of Indian parents, Ramesh grew up in the Canary Islands, Spain, the UK, and the USA. His career as a voice over artist spans over 20 years, a large component of which is public speaking. His work experience ranges from investment banking at Goldman Sachs to NGOs. Thanks to his multi-cultural diversity, Ramesh is able to create the right persona sounding convincing and real, in English, Spanish or French. He works from a professional home studio in Spain and the UK with state-of-the-art equipment. His warm and friendly personality combined with efficiency and attention to detail have helped him consolidate his global VO career in Europe and beyond.

Rosi Amador

Rosi is a transplanted Latina from Puerto Rico born to performer parents from Argentina and Puerto Rico, currently living in the Boston area. As a bicultural English/Spanish voice artist working internationally, she helps creators of content related to Hispanics and the Spanish language bring their messages to life, recording evocative voiceovers, from commercials, corporate narration, eLearning, audio tours for museums, web videos, to children’s bilingual audiobooks in her home studio. 

Voicing in her flawless, accent-less native North American English, neutral Latin American Spanish, Puerto Rican or Argentine-accented Spanish, as well as Hispanic-accented English, her bicultural roots enable her to use her voice to build cross-cultural bridges worldwide. Rosi has a passion and uses her voice frequently on projects with an eye to inspiring positive social change.

She is also a Latin singer and percussionist in her band Sol y Canto with husband Brian, and a passionate entrepreneur. She was the founder, manager and booking agent of her two Latin bands and a Latin music agency for decades prior to launching Amador Bilingual Voiceovers in 2010, her bilingual family business which includes her husband Brian and son Zia Amador. 

Shelley Avellino

Shelley Avellino is a successful top booking British VO talent, (well, Welsh to be exact) She’s also a VO coach and casting director based in the San Francisco area in the USA. She’s well known for her upbeat and fun attitude and is a sought after VO coach for newbies and veterans alike in the industry.   

Shelley has voiced thousands of projects over the last decade and as a leading six-figure international talent, she can be heard voicing for such clients as Apple, Amazon, Ikea, Hilton, Johnson & Johnson, Shell, Microsoft and many more. As a Casting director for an e-learning company, Shelley also has the benefit of working on both sides of the glass and that comes in handy when she coaches talent on performance and business. She is a crazy cat lady, being a former vet tech and also a musician and singer.  She even started drum lessons in her 50’s…now that’s dedication. 

Stanley Allen Fisher

Stanley Fisher has nearly 2 decades of experience with voice acting, audio design, producing, and voice-over/personal development coaching.  His expertise is anchored with years of stage performance, directing, writing, on-camera acting, and producing for The New York Acting Ensemble, The Courtyard Playhouse, The 2nd City - Los Angeles, The Groundlings - Los Angeles, BIG Improv - Baltimore, iHeartmedia, Entercom Media, Creative Self-Mastery, and the Voice Acting Institute. 

Mr. Fisher takes his craft seriously. His VO career spans two decades with clients across the United States for top brands in a wide variety of products including commercials, e-learning, and corporate videos. As a sound designer, he has provided work on all levels of advertising, post film sound design, animation, and gaming. 

As a coach, he offers an engaging, no-nonsense approach coupled with fun and engaging techniques that provide his clients powerful insights into human behavior and script interpretation. His clients over the last decade range from newbies to seasoned pros wanting to elevate their brands. He takes his craft seriously and has been dedicated to his abilities as an actor and a coach.

Tim Powers

Over 20 years of on-stage improv experience. Training with The Upright Citizens Brigade & UCB.  Years of VO experience.  Currently teaching online "TIMPROV" classes for voice actors new to Improv.

Tracy Lindley

Tracy Lindley is a busy mom of four kids ages 7-13 who has cracked the code on distinguishing what matters and what doesn't in her successful voiceover career.

In this honest session, she will be sharing her best tips that she's learned along the way to creating the six-figure business of her dreams, while maintaining sanity, fulfillment, and joy in her life.

World-Voices Organization's annual US federal tax returns are available upon request.

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