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Adam Lofbomm - Driving Your High-Performance eLearning/Corporate VO Business

To stay competitive on the eLearning and Corporate Narration track, you need to have a business that runs like a well-oiled machine. Around 80% of the voiceover work out there today falls into these categories, and with more and more companies abandoning instructor-led learning and communicating via digital channels, the opportunities are growing all the time. 

But you’ve got to drive smart and steer skillfully if you want to keep up with the aces and secure your spot on the podium. There are three laps in this race: Getting the Work, Doing the Work, and Keeping the Work Coming. 

In this talk, Adam will invite you to take a ride in the passenger seat as he guides you through the systems and techniques he uses to grow his client base, efficiently manage production with less stress, and win client loyalty year after year. The audience will gain insights into efficient business processes and procedures that they can emulate in their own operations.

Adam Lofbomm & Ashlinn Romagnoli - You Can Do Everything Right and Still Get It Wrong, You Can Do Everything Wrong and Still Get It Right

Adam Lofbomm is a seasoned veteran who has been a full time voice actor for almost seventeen years, and he’s done it all: the coaching, the auditioning, the networking, the careful cultivation of projects.

His wife, Ashlinn Romagnoli, meandered into the booth one day in 2021 and thought it would be fun to toss out an audition for a royalty share audiobook in a niche genre she’d never even heard of, not expecting to make a dime.

And yet in one memorable month in 2022, Ashlinn out-earned Adam. What the heck?

Voice Acting as a profession has always been unpredictable, but never more so than now: Covid welcomed innumerable aspiring new talent to the ranks, online platforms encourage underbidding, and AI is peeking around the corner. In this talk, Adam and Ashlinn share their nuggets of wisdom from two very different perspectives in this uncertain world.

Beginners will hopefully gain some understanding that everyone's path through this business is different. Seasoned veterans will hopefully gain encouragement if they're going through a challenging season in their career.

Anne Cloud -  Fueling Your Business with Creative Energy

Marketing, accounting, emailing, editing, social media - we all have different parts of our business that feel like drudgery. When something is a chore, we don’t want to do it. And if you force yourself, the final result is often lacking (at best). 

In this interactive workshop, we will share our struggle points, prime our creativity pumps, and discover together ways to fuel up with FUN, so we can tackle our business-related ‘to dos’.  

Anne Cloud - The Power of Play

Most kids don’t need to be taught how to play, pretend, or create. They do it naturally. As we get older, finding fun becomes more difficult. It’s relegated to vacations and occasional nights out. But as voice actors, it is our job to play!

To dig in and really have fun we have to break out of the “adult seriousness” and find a way back to the ease of play we had in childhood. It’s in us all, but sometimes getting there can be tricky. In this joy-filled workshop, we will spend time together exploring several tools that can help ignite the spark of creativity, and rekindle our childlike sense of discovery!

Ashlinn Romagnoli - Understanding the Other Side

Whoever thought that a few inches of glass could feel so thick? Ashlinn spent over a decade working in the advertising industry wearing a number of hats, from freelance commercial production to creating strategies for some of the biggest brands in the business -- Nike, Sony, Grey Goose -- and hiring talent to represent all of them. Now that she's on the other side of the microphone and has been hired to voice projects for a number of other major brands, including Acqua Panna and Clinique, she can share some nuggets of wisdom from both sides to help bridge that gap.

Participants will walk away with a deeper knowledge and understanding of what's going on on the other side of advertising (ie, your clients' minds). A glimpse into an accidentally successful voice actor's journey.

Billie Jo Konze - Accountability for Voiceover Success

Remember when you were in school, and you had constant outside accountability? As entrepreneurs, we have to create that accountability for ourselves–and often fail. 

Many voice talent float aimlessly, not knowing how to really pursue goals in a structured way. Others seek accountability, but don't know how to find a group to join or are too overwhelmed by the idea of creating their own. 

This presentation lays out the why and the how to help you get started. Participants will learn how to form a strong group, run an efficient meeting, set achievable goals and tasks, and create a motivating environment of consistency, commitment, challenge, and celebration. 

Billie Jo Konze - Accountability in Practice

Once you have your accountability group set up, how does running a meeting actually work? Without good structure, groups can be less than effective, or fall apart altogether. Billie Jo breaks down the basics and works with volunteers to demonstrate how to run a successful session, work through common pitfalls, and encourage group members to push past their comfort zones to accomplish more than they think they can. After this session, participants will have a better idea of how to run their own group, and work through issues constructively, while still encouraging true accountability within the group. 

Byron Wagner - AI and VO - Zombie Apocalypse Or Chicken Little?

AI quality is advancing in leaps and bounds. Time to change careers? Or does history suggest a different likely outcome? The underlying facts behind the current state of AI in VO, the likely direction it will end up going and how it affects us, and concrete steps to take to secure your future.

Byron Wagner - Stop Waiting for Audiobook Auditions! Finding and Securing Your Own Work

ACX has become a mosh pit, the P2P's are worse, and Fiverr is a disaster. While you're cracking the Big Five publishers, get all the work you'd like earning both PFH and royalties on the titles you genuinely love. This session is a unique approach to generating your own quality audiobook dealflow and pipeline.

Caryn Clark - Don't Be Bogged Down in the Slog! 

We spend all day in our padded rooms, talking to ourselves, wearing all the hats of a business owner. Add in booking slumps, and you might begin to question if you're in a mid-life career crisis... which leads to a feeling of despair and frustration. The intent of this presentation is to walk attendees through a process to figure out specifically what parts of their business are struggling, and what parts are doing well. Then, we'll investigate those answers, and brainstorm actionable ways to achieve positive progress to improve morale and their business. 

Caryn Clark - Personal Branding - How to Develop Your Voice Brand

There are a gajillion voice actors out there. How can YOU stand out? 

I will work with participants to help them think about how to develop their voice brand. We will discuss what makes their voice unique, and how they can parlay that into a text and visual display that can be recognizable and memorable to buyers. Participants will gain knowledge in how to describe their unique voice qualities to create their brand. 

Colin WD McLean - Age - is it just a number?

To encourage debate, and with luck to reassure the more mature voice actors (among whose number he proudly presents himself), Colin welcomes a chance to look at the opportunities the marketplace offers to those below and above, say, 55. That certainly is just a number. But what are the positives on both sides of the divide? How does the industry look to those within it and beyond it, when it comes to age? Are there indeed even additional benefits to be derived for clients employing a more seasoned voice? Please join in and add your value to the debate! 

Colin WD McLean - Audio Description - plenty of room for all

An introduction to the Audio Description (AD) marketplace in general. AD is needed in so many areas of life for the visually impaired and permits them to enjoy a much broader range of movies, TV series, plays, shows and events than hitherto. The technical aspects are important and an introduction to these will be included. Illustrated as far as possible with screenshots and audio samples. 

Colin brings a UK/European perspective to the topic of Audio Description, though the subject matter is happily universal. Having identified that AD was not widely familiar to his fellow voice actors, he is delighted to have the opportunity to introduce, or expand upon, the world of AD to the broader WoVo membership. This is a growth market generally and thus represents openings for all.

Dan Lenard - Voice Over Recording Terminology and General Q&A

Dan will explain all of the misunderstood terminology used for VO Recording: eg. Normalizing, EQ, Noise floor, Levels etc. 

David Goldberg - Top 12 Reason Casting Teams Delete Auditions

David Goldberg - Top 18 Reasons Casting Teams Delete Demos

David Goldberg - Audition & Self Direction Workout

This fast-paced class will quickly develop your self-directing skills: Read real scripts, get live feedback, and hear if a casting agent would hit ‘delete’ or not, and why!

This is your key to booking more work.  

How it works-
· Volunteers will be handed copy, given a moment to review, and then will read – as if this is an audition.
· Quickly you’ll receive live direction.
· Or JUST OBSERVE! It’s equally as beneficial. So if you prefer, you can stay quiet the whole time and absorb it all.
The goal: ‘Up’ your auditioning more than you ever have in one hour.

David H. Lawrence XVII - Fearless Fiction + Nuanced Non-Fiction Audiobook Performance Lab

Let's spend some quality time expanding your audiobook portfolio, and overcoming the fear of either type of book: braving those fiction audiobooks you've been avoiding because you don't feel adept at characters, dialogue, accents and dialects...and busting the myths of working in non-fiction as being a boring, dry wasteland of tables, bullet points and soulless, story-free information. Find out why fiction can be an amazing, lovely experience without worrying about microscopically precise character work, and how non-fiction can be just as nuanced, creative and intriguing as fiction. You'll work with David on content from both categories, narrating clips from your choice of either, and you'll get immediate feedback and adjustments as you read. If you want to expand your options and start auditioning for audiobooks you've been avoiding, this is your session. Bonus: Q&A about anything surrounding audiobook narration.

Debbie Irwin - 50 Ways to Lose a Client

After speaking to lots of people in all sorts of professions, Debbie created a list of “dont’s”called, "50 Ways to Lose a Client". Be warned. These are written with satire, presented with sarcasm and should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Here's #1: “Take forever to return calls and emails. Clients always appreciate not being valued.”

Here's # 20: "Don't bother reviewing your script before the session. They're probably going to change it anyway."

Here's #31: "Your contact info in your email signature? Why make it easy for them to call?"

In this workshop you’ll learn the mistakes that could cost you clients.

The clients you already have. And the ones you almost had. 

Debbie Irwin - Medical Narration: Can Anyone Do It?

Many people aren't aware of the diversity of medical narration opportunities that exist. In this session, Debbie will provide an overview of the industry, followed by a close-up look at the different sub-genres in medical narration: Anthem, Commercial, Corporate, Elearning, Explainer, ISI, MOA and MOD, On Hold and VOG. You will review and read scripts, and develop a broader understanding of what constitutes medical narration, and what it takes to be able to confidently represent yourself as a Medical Narrator.

Debbie Irwin & Hugh P. Klitzke: The First Ten Seconds of your Audition  

When the folks who determine if you get hired or not complain about the auditions they receive, what do they say?

“They don't follow my instructions!”

If you don’t follow the gatekeeper's guidelines, they won't listen past the first TWO seconds of your audition, let alone TEN. And if you can’t follow their instructions for an audition, how can they trust you to follow directions on the job?

There are more voice talent than ever in the marketplace. Learn how to stand apart!

Deb & Hugh of VOnow.CO will give you a rundown of how understanding and executing the instructions, direction, and the read of both your slate and that all important first sentence of the script can improve your chances of getting the job!

You'll walk away with a handy checklist of what to look for in the audition email, a handful of script examples, and some of you will read and get redirected!

Doug Turkel - Brandividualism

These days, you can’t afford not to have a branding strategy. But nailing one down isn't easy. Doug will show you how to define, design and deliver a powerful brand that will teach your clients when to hire you. Sharing insights from his 25+ year career, Doug holds nothing back, and will leave you motivated to take action.

Doug Turkel - Direct Marketing for Voice Actors: Be found, be heard, be remembered.

If you have a passion for voiceover (and we know that you do), Doug will show you how small changes in your approach to the business of VO can reap huge dividends. Recent changes in the VO landscape require more entrepreneurial spirit and know-how than ever before. In this energetic presentation, Doug will challenge you to think differently about your place in the VO landscape.

Emma O’Neill - Staying Healthy in a Sedentary World

  • How to prioritize your health without cutting into your business
  • Time Management: make time for ME
  • Meal prep & planning 
  • Eat your veggies!
  • The 10000 Steps Club
  • Fast & effective mini home workouts - some you can even do in your booth!
  • Accountability groups
  • The importance of sleep
  • Meditation & Manifestation techniques that work
  • Staying motivated during the lulls

Emma O’Neill - Be the Black Sheep in Social Media (LinkedIn and Insta)

There are tons of courses led by very smart people teaching you how to market on social media. And then there’s me…I’m no marketing guru and yet my Linkedin posts get thousands of views EVERYDAY! Wanna learn how? I'll teach you!

What you'll learn: 

  • simple tips and tricks to engage your target audience
  • how to stop OVERTHINKING about content
  • when to post, when NOT to post
  • and MORE!

Hugh P. Klitzke - Understanding Voiceover Structures for Better Conversational Reads   

When we are listening to voiceover scripts on the radio, on TV or in other context, they are understood with one hearing. How? Voiceover scripts are very specifically written to be read out loud.

Learn how voiceovers are written for the ear, how to see those structures at work, and how to use those structures to make your reads clear and conversational! These are simple, practical tools that help connect both your head and your heart to your reads.

Attendees will take away a PDF checklist of ten ideas to look for in any script, pages of examples, and some of you will read and get redirected!

Jen Greenfield - Not Your Mama's Networking! It's Time to Start Talking to Strangers...

Taking a cue from her social media handle, @MamaGreenfield, Jen's goal is to encourage and inspire you to start using networking to build relationships and generate leads.

In this workshop Jen will cover opportunities to network with industry peers, pros and yes, even strangers. Her goal is to share messaging that works and build confidence, so you can turn those connections into leads. 

Joe Davis - Digital Marketing for Voice Talent - Websites, SEO and Everything Else!

How to Make Google & Talent Seekers Love Your Voice Over Website. Every voice actor is running a business. A talent seeker’s first impression of your business is most likely your website. Find out what is important to producers, casting directors and agents and how that can be blended with great SEO to make search engines like Google embrace your website too. Participants will learn the fundamentals of SEO, what talent seekers are looking for and how you can start using these things to drastically improve your website’s visibility.

Karyn O’Bryant - Have an Emotional Breakdown: a technical approach to copy prep

We will dive into copy from an actor's perspective, learning to break it into beats and translate those beats into effective, full-body emotional choices. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of emotional purpose and arcs of different types of copy, and more confidence in making (and executing) acting choices in the course of daily work.

Karyn O’Bryant - Special Vocal Techniques: Whispering, Calling, and Beyond

Learn techniques for those times when you need to whisper, shout, and really involve your body in your performance! Participants will gain more confidence in safely and effectively modulating the volume of their voices in performance -- and hopefully walk away with more acting savvy too!

Karyn O’Bryant - Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Using selected aspects of Improvisation Technique and ALBA Emoting, we will explore using our whole instrument to effect changes in our vocal performance. Participants will come away from the session with a better connection between body, emotions, and voice. 

Katherine Vasilopoulos & Dustin Ebaugh - VO Therapy for Creatives:  Think Like a Boss!

Description: In this session, Katherin and Dustin will facilitate a group discussion about how to identify your barriers and overcome your frustrations when it comes to your voiceover career. We will talk about your mindset as a creative and what it means to think like a boss. We will engage with the participants to discuss real life situations. And we will help provide solutions and craft a pathway to greater business success. Everyone wants to feel like a boss, so join us!

Marc Cashman - Commercial V-O Techniques That'll Make Your Brain Explode!

This class will help every voice actor...

  • Frame any script.
  • NOT sound like you're reading.
  • Submit standout auditions.
  • Decipher direction.
  • Outsmart your competition.
  • Read between the lines.
  • Bring depth and dimension to any performance.
  • And much more!

Marc Cashman - Audiobook Narration

This session highlights the skill sets a voice actor needs to successfully navigate the audiobook landscape. A quick, but deep dive into what it takes to perform outstanding performances in fiction and non-fiction audiobooks.

Matt Cowlrick & Rosi Amador - Let It Go, Let it Grow - How To Build a Great Team for your VO Career

  1. How and when to get started building a team, including where to look and what to ask when interviewing candidates. 
  2. What you could be hiring virtual assistants to do RIGHT NOW and what you could hire them to do in the future with the right training and planning .
  3. How to take someone from doing the most basic audio editing to recording all your auditions and unsupervised/phone patch sessions via Source-Connect or similar. 
  4. An idea of how your career can be enriched by leadership, mentorship and creating local, domestic or offshore jobs.
  5. How to empower, appreciate and mentor your staff so they'll be invested in your business, excel and stay committed for years.   
  6. How to create an operations manual that can guide your team and save you time. 
  7. Rosi will reveal the business book that changed her game and inspired her to grow her business

Matt Cowlrick - Taming and Managing the Creative Mind (and Soul)

All of us working or aspiring to work in voiceover, come from immensely diverse backgrounds. Some come from the performing arts, while others come from backgrounds of business/corporate, trades or education etc. Regardless of where you have come from, a core piece of this profession is a creative spirit and mind. Before I started in voiceover, my study and career was in classical music, where my approach was that it was "all about the music", money didn't matter, and I thought as long as I would be good enough then eventually success would just appear before me. It was only when I started working in voiceover and received some business coaching and mentorship that I realized I needed to tame this creative soul with some more deliberate and accountable systems to grow my career. Fast-forward, and at one point the Businessperson became dominant and it was time to tap back into my Artist. In this session we'll explore the delicate and sometimes intangible balance between the two.

  1. Firstly, that you are not alone! How to tap into the RIGHT community for you. Looking outside of the Facebook voiceover groups, social media in general and finding your own personal partners in accountability.
  2. Tools, methods, software, systems, books and other resources that provide needed structure and strategy to let your creative self THRIVE.
  3. Things that we can do as somewhat rigid business owners stuck in our ways to tap back into that Artist that got into this career in the first place
  4. How making the investment in an assistant/team can be a valuable step for productivity/accountability

Memo Sauceda - Be a Globetrotter, record from anywhere in the world

With the help of technology and a bit of imagination, you can record audio from anywhere in the world, be it Rome, Madrid, Costa Rica, or any other place you choose to visit. I will share the techniques I have used to create a makeshift studio in your hotel room or Airbnb, and utilizing tools like Source Connect or phone patch to communicate with your client. I will also suggest alternative options for uploading your recordings in case of poor internet connectivity. Don't let being on vacation stop you from recording, it's definitely possible, as long as you consider it a priority. Additionally, I will provide a list of my recommended equipment and explain why it is essential to have them.

Memo Sauceda - Is it advantageous to join SAG-AFTRA in 2023?

Is the effort worth it, considering the increasing prevalence of Non-Union work? What is SAG-AFTRA doing to support its members in this changing media landscape? During this session, we will examine the pros and cons of Union membership and the factors that should inform your decision-making, including the health plan, pension plan, and updated national and local rates.

Michael Baer - Building a Home-Based VO Studio Pt 1

Very few of us can design and build a proper studio from scratch, but we can make  the best of the spaces we have available to us, whether that's a closet or a full sized room, and make it sound decent. Using his own experience building two  sound rooms in his house, Mike will provide an understanding of basic building  with acoustic needs and microphones in mind, but primarily the confidence to  undertake a re-model of any space available, and dealing with that space as best you can. 

The sessions on Building a Home Voiceover Studio break more or less in two parts  nicely, and spring from the construction of a small basement booth, and a much larger, complete gut-and-build of an attic room. The first session deals with trying to isolate the space, keeping sound out via acoustic decoupling and mass, and involves the complete gut-to-the-studs of the  room, with a re-build involving a new electrical system, double door entry, entirely  new floor and the design and build of a window pocket wall, custom made sashes  included. Materials needed will be addressed, and lessons learned from mistakes  made - more than a few - will be shared.  Mike has produced a Youtube series on the building of this larger studio, and it may act as a primer of sorts: @michaelbaer voiceover

Michael Baer - Building a Home-Based VO Studio Pt 2 (Acoustics)

The second session explores what to do to make the sound inside - the stuff you  want to keep - sound so good youʼll want to share and have people pay you for the  pleasure. Sound is very much bi-polar. On the one hand, it allows almost limitless  creative possibilities. On the other, itʼs very much driven by math and science.  This second session deals primarily with the construction and purpose of broadband  absorbers, bass traps and diffusers, but from an everyday, manageable  perspective. Mike, after all, is really very lousy with math and science, and dropped it in high school. So, thereʼs that… 

Mike McGonegal - Tech Rescue

The technology of VO may seem intimidating - but it doesn’t have to be.  This talk will cover the variations on the equipment we use every day, how to pick a mic, what to look for in recording software, how to clean up your audio, and anything else technical that may elicit fear or dread.

Mike Tobin - VO Moneyflow 

From writing estimates, through collecting payments in any currency, to investing in your business in smart ways: Learn how to EARN and KEEP more of YOUR money. The session will cover tools, techniques, and mindsets to better manage your VO Moneyflow! Whether you’re a new or experienced voice actor, you'll become more mindful of the flow of your money (both income and expenses), learn about the latest tools, and be empowered to make better financial decisions for your voiceover business.

Mike Tobin - VO Macflow

Explore and expand your VO Workflow with Mac at the centre of it all. From selecting the right machine, through leveraging the Apple ecosystem, to the always debated updates and upgrades...jump in or level up your Mac game to help your VO work shine! Attendees will learn tips and tricks, tools and techniques from a pro voice actor and long-time Mac user who also happens to be a former Apple employee. The session will cover hardware, operating systems, updates and upgrades, and more. New-to-Mac attendees will be able to decide if Mac is the right system for them, and existing users will expand their knowledge to improve productivity and confidence in their setups. This will NOT be a "Mac is better than PC" session!

Nancy German, L.C.S.W. - Be At Your Best for Every Session: Being Prepared on Every Level to Get in Front of the Mic Every Day and Succeed

The Elephant in the Room is YOU: Getting out of your own way and clearing your mind, body and spirit before standing in front of the mic.

We will look at:

  • using anxiety and nerves in positive ways
  • our bad habits and how to grow away from them
  • insecurities and imposter syndrome and how that affects the read
  • how copy/storytelling  can trigger us in both negative and inspiring ways
  • physical space considerations and inspirational objects
  • mental prep and confidence building 
  • kinetic prep and why it matters
  • techniques for slaying  directed sessions 
  • give it all and let it go, doing our best in high stakes competition and not overthinking it.

Nikki Lu Lowe - A Few Mental Health Tricks To Keep You From Going Nuts

Voice Acting is a mixture of both empowerment and vulnerability.  On the days when the scale leans more towards the vulnerability side, it’s vital to know how to get through the moment.  In this session we’ll covers subjects such as: 

In voiceover, we hear the word “No” a lot.  It’s part of our industry and there’s no avoiding it.  Knowing when to accept ‘No” and using that energy in a positive way is vital to moving your business forward.  

Keeping a humble and grateful mindset will help you ebb and flow with the daily changes in genres, clients and the unexpected.

Celebrate your wins and ride the success wave like a rock star but be ready to crash.  We’ll talk about why some of the crashes happen and what you can do between the crashes to get yourself ready to catch the next wave.  

We take a lot of hits to our self-esteem on social media.  We’ll explore ways to look at the success of others and weave some stories that will elevate our self-esteem rather than knock us over.

Overwhelmed with a big task?  We’ll ask for examples of a task to demonstrate how to deconstruct it into manageable steps so you can feel a sense of accomplishment rather than adding to the daily stress of running a business.  

Nikki Lu Lowe - The power of internal rosters and how to get on them

It’s important to know the power of internal rosters. We’ll dive deep into directly marketing to clients and answer questions such as ‘How do I find them?”, “How do I contact them?”, “What do I say?”, “How do I track my communications?”, “How do I nurture my relationship?”. This session provides one possible approach  on how to market directly to end clients.

Pavi Lustig - A peek under a digital VOmad's turban

Whether you are thinking of joining the VOmadic tribe or would simply like a quick peek under the turban, this presentation aims to shed light on how to record whilst on the road, in various countries, serving international clients. The session covers equipment used, booth building, job sourcing, business practices and touches on resources that can be drawn upon for VOmadic lifestyle support such as helpful apps, travel, legal, payment and tax issues. Pavi has been VOmading for several years, through some very challenging situations - recording whilst on motorcycle trips through Nepal, India and Mexico, countless hotels, pillow-forts and airports - and shares a good deal of info about this niche but very rewarding way of pursuing a VO career whilst on the road. 

Pavi Lustig - VO from the perspective of a large commercial studio's audio engineer and voice booker

Having worked as an audio engineer and in-house casting agent at large commercial audio post-production houses in the UK, Germany and Austria, Pavi presents on best practices for earning extra brownie points as a voice artist at studios, whether in person, via remote recording or via undirected file delivery. This session provides a better understanding of what audio engineers and in-house casting agents look for in a voice artist, with the aim of optimizing behavior and workflows, making the studio's life easier, elevating the talent’s reputation and thereby maximizing chances of further bookings at or through large commercial recording studios. We cover best practices in terms of delivery specs, general demeanor, performance tips, file naming conventions, working to moving picture, seeking inclusion in a studio's voice pool database and more.

Ramesh - How to market yourself outside of the US, mainly in Europe. 

  • Do you want to get closer to working with Europe?
  • How do you go by getting UK clients for your voice print?
  • What are the terms and conditions with European based voice hirers?
  • Best methods and practices, and the all-important issue of getting paid!

What are the main communication etiquettes and protocols, and how to pitch yourself as an American in foreign arena? How to be more confident when it comes to working in a different language and culture. Get a better understanding of how the voice over market works across Europe.

With more than 12 years’ experience working with clients all over the world, join me, Ramesh Mahtani, and jump in on this hands-on practical session on exploring the many opportunities, the do’s and don’ts, and tips for US voices wanting to work across the pond. 

Rosi and Brian Amador - What Does it Take to Build a Successful Bilingual Voiceover Business

Rosi and Brian will share their trajectory and how they established themselves as one of the leading bilingual VO providers in the competitive bilingual market of the United States. They will talk about their challenges as well as their achievements, and will share tips and recommendations on  topics ranging from branding, communication and marketing, finding your unique voice, how to build SEO, how they grew their business with the support of their excellent team and the importance of offering neutral Latin American Spanish if you're a Spanish VO talent, as well as accented reads. This is most applicable to English/Spanish voiceover talent however all bilingual talent will find that it's absolutely relevant for them as well. 

Stanley Allen Fisher - 5 Steps To Connect

Mastering script interpretation is a vital part of your voice acting journey. It's the one thing clients want to digest so they can hear what you bring to the table. I look at script interpretation as a craft and the more you understand that craft the easier it is to connect to your script. In this session, I am going to provide 5 easy steps to connect to your script that no one else is talking about. These steps clear out dysfunctional expectations, force you to slow down, and provide an effortless way to connect to the writer.

Stanley Allen Fisher - The Power of Imagination

Your imagination is incredibly powerful. It’s one of the strongest tools we have at our disposal to shape our business. It has been used throughout history by healers, heroes, artists, and leaders to move mountains, bend the laws of physics, and navigate difficult situations but YOU can use it to either run your business into the ground or take it into the stratosphere. Most people don’t know how to use their imagination functionally but with some focus and practice during this session, you will learn how to wield this incredible power to achieve your desired outcomes. From nailing a read the first time, to creating the business of your dreams there is nothing you can’t do when you harness the power of your imagination effectively. 

Shelley Avellino - It's the little things....Self Direction tips and tricks to enhance your VO Performance

It’s always challenging leaving a conference with loads of motivation, energy and information about performance and then getting back in the booth and trying to put that into action when you are alone.  One the hardest things for some voice actors is self-direction, so in this session, Shelley will give you a ton of ideas, tips and tricks to enhance your VO performance when you are in the booth. This will be fun, interactive and most of all packed full of juicy stuff you can add to your self-directing toolbox.  Don’t miss it! 

Tim Powers - “TimProv” - Improv with the VO IMPROV GURU Tim Powers

Introduction to basic improvisation, its principals, its applications in VO, and direct involvement in playing improv games during the session.

Tracy Lindley - How to Stop Wasting Time in Your Business So You Can Make More Money

How effectively do you run your business?
Do you ever get to the end of your day and feel like you have accomplished very little?
Do you wish someone would help you put together a road map for success that actually works for your lifestyle?
Then this session is for you!

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