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One of the pillars of WoVO is the fact that our members help each other. This is the place to do just that. Mentors volunteer at least one hour a month to help a fellow member of WoVO. They may divide their time as they see fit. It might be one hour with one person, 30 minutes with two people, etc. No money is exchanged for this service. We just want to connect you with others who have the knowledge or expertise you seek. 


Become a Mentor


If you'd like to become a WoVO Mentor, great! All you have to do is login to your profile on the site here and tick the box saying you want to be a mentor, then select your areas of expertise or where you'd like to help.


Meet The Mentors


Here are the WoVO members who currently offer mentoring services. Please note the areas of expertise listed on each entry and details about contact and scheduling. It's up to the mentee to contact the mentor to schedule time. Click any of the "Mentorship Options" directly below to sort by mentorship topics and locate a mentor.  Our mentors can also make themselves available as guests for hangouts and meetups. 


How to register for job notifications on Voiceover.biz

By Dan Lenard

Voiceover Career Strategy Success

By Cristina Milizia

Relax Your Voice, part 1

By Nancy Wolfson

Relax Your Voice, part 2

By Nancy Wolfson

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By Nancy Wolfson


Free MP3s

By Nancy Wolfson 

Printed Materials

Practice Promo Scripts

From Joyce Castellanos

(Do NOT use for demos, practice only)

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