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Upcoming WoVO events

    • 05 May 2023
    • 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • 07 May 2023
    • 6:00 PM (EDT)
    • DoubleTree Orlando Downtown, Orlando, FL

    WoVOCon VII moves to the

    DoubleTree Downtown Orlando

    May 5th - 7th, 2023!

    Reserve your room here 

    and click here to explore the host hotel.

    With Presentations by:

     Time  Summerlin  Princeton  Sumter  Seminole  Brevard
    12 pm Attendee Registration  

    1 pm

    Attendee Registration 


    2 pm

    Attendee Registration 

    3 pm 3:30 - Adam & Ashlinn
    Do Everything Wrong and Still Get it Right
    3:30 - Karyn O'Bryant
    Special Vocal Techniques:  Whispering, Calling...

    Katherine & Dustin

    VO Biz Therapy 

    TBA  TBA 
    4 pm ^ continued ^ continued
    Billie Jo Konze 
    Accountability for Voiceover Success
    Colin WD McLean
    Ageing in VO. Is there work?
    Byron Wagner
    AI and VO - Should we be Fearful

    5-6pm Happy Hour & Networking Happy Hour & Networking Happy Hour & Networking Happy Hour & Networking   Happy Hour & Networking
    8 am  Breakfast  Breakfast  Breakfast  Breakfast  Breakfast
    9 am Debbie Irwin
    Medical Narration: 
    Can Anyone Do it?

    Nikki Lu Lowe
    Internal Rosters: 
    How to Get on Them

    Mike Tobin
    VO Moneyflow
    9:30 - Caryn Clark
    How to Develop
    Your Voice Brand

    10 am ^ continued 10:30 - Nancy German
    Be at Your Best
    for Every Session
    David Goldberg - Why Auditions are Deleted? 10:30 - Adam & Ashlinn
    Corp Narr

    Anne Cloud
    The Power of Play
    11 am Emma O'Neill
    Be the Black Sheep
    in Social Media

    ^ continued
    Ramesh Mahtani
    How to Market Yourself in Europe

    ^ continued
    Shelly Avellino -
    Self-Direction Tips

    12 pm  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
    1 pm David H. Lawrence XVII

    Audiobook Performance


    Emma O'Neill
    Staying Healthy in a Sedentary World
    Pavi Lustig
    Traveling VO & Producer
    Marc Cashman 
    Commercial V-O Techniques from a Veteran

    Tracy Lindley
    How to Stop Wasting Time in Your Business So You Can Make More Money
    2 pm

    ^ continuedMike McGonegal

    Tech Rescue

    Tim Powers

    Michael Baer
    Build a Home-Based VO Studio Part 1

    ^ continued
    Jen Greenfield
    3 pm 3:30 - Byron Wagner
    Finding and Securing Your Own Audiobook Work
    3:30 - Nikki Lu Lowe
    Mental Health Tips to
    Keep You from Going Nuts

    Michael Baer
    Build a Home-Based VO Studio Part
    2 (Acoustics)
    Debbie & Hugh
    The First :10
    of your Audition

    David Goldberg

    Audition & Self Direction Workout

    4 pm

    ^ continued

    4:30 - Marc Cashman

    Audiobook Narration Deep Dive

    ^ continued

    4:30 - Rosi & Matt

    How to Build a

    Great Team for Your Biz
    Memo Sauceda
    Is it Beneficial to Join SAG/AFTRA in '23?
    4:30 - Stanley Allen Fisher
    5 Steps to Connect
    Jen Greenfield
    Networking!  Time to Talk to Strangers

    5 pm ^ continued ^ continued


    ^continued Pavi Lustig
    Producer Talk
    8 am  Breakfast  Breakfast  Breakfast  Breakfast  Breakfast
    9 am  Joe Davis 
    Digital Marketing
    for Talent

    Stanley Allen Fisher
    The Power of Imagination

    Mike Tobin
    VO Macflow
    TBA Doug Turkel

    10 am ^ continued

    ^ continued

    Anne Cloud
    Fueling Your Business with Creative Energy

    Colin WD McLean
    The Opportunity of Audio Description
    Debbie Irwin
    50 Ways to Lose a Client

    11 am AGM - Everyone Attends AGM - Everyone Attends  --  -- -- 
    12 pm  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
    1 pm Doug Turkel
    Be Found, be Heard, be Remembered

    Memo Sauceda
    Record from Anywhere in the World

    Dan Lenard
    VO Recording Terminology and Q&A
    Karyn O' Bryant
    An Emotional Breakdown?  Technical Approach to Copy Prep

    2 pm

    David Goldberg

    Top 18 Reasons CD's Delete Demos

    2:30 - Katherine & Dustin

    VO Biz Therapy 

    2:30 - Ashlinn Romagnoli
    Understanding the Producer's Side
    ^ continued
    Caryn Clark
    Don't be Bogged Down in the Slog

    3 pm  3:30 - Billie Jo Konze
    Accountability in Practice

    3:30 - Karyn O'Bryant
    Out of Your Head, Into Your Body
    3:30 - Matt Cowlrick
    Managing the Creative Mind (and Soul)
    Hugh Klitzke
    Understanding Voice over Narrative Structures

    3:30 - Rosi & Brian Amador
    How to Build a Successful Bilingual VO Biz

    4 pm

    4:30 -

    Accountability Groups Session 

    4:30 - Tim Powers
    ^ continued
    ^ continued
    5 pm ^ continued  ^ continued  TBA TBA  TBA

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